AIPG Donation Tracker | MEXC listing

Marketing kickstart and Integration fees (USDT)

Liquidity (Paid by the AIPG team)

Total USDT Donated: $0.00

Goal: USDT $60000.00

🌐 USDT Donation Addresses:

ERC20 or BEP20 or Polygon: 0x046dF4f068e939E9c02955c57e108F8374215F98

TRC20: TLb5XRfvLdgzwdNDYfg9Qq3ALsP5A29wDQ

Solana: CVhaxEJAYAEzNjhDxigzYgLfzLDkBDsk4oKk9szq5w1y

MEXC Listing Fee:

Marketing and Integration Fee: $10K USDT

Kickstarter (Airdrop Campaigns): $50K USDT. The USDT and tokens will be fully distributed to users. The number of participants is 50k-80k (~ $0.5 - $1 per user)

Liquidity Requirement:

For liquidity, MEXC requires $30K USDT + $30K worth of $AIPG for the liquidity pool. The AIPG team will cover this full amount.

Market Maker Fee:

Project party must prepare their own Market Making team before the listing date. These are additional costs not currently accounted for.